"invisible" metal fastening

I have some stainless "covers" (5 sided boxes) that I want to adhere to a surface (think of it as the 6th side of the box) in a removable fashion.
I settled on magnetic catches (think: kitchen cabinets). My thinking was to mount the catches to the inside of the "covers" so the magnets would engage ferrous plates located on the (stationary) "surfaces".
But, as these might fail, over time (plastic crap), the more prudent mount was with removable hardware (nylon screw/nut). This hardware is then visible (annoying detail I'd like to avoid, if possible).
By contrast, the ferrous striker plates are trivially mounted AND OBSCURED when the covers are in place!
So, I'm rethinking this. Mounting the magnetic catches on the "surface" allows them to be more easily adjusted (positioned). And, ensures the mounting hardware is hidden.
This leaves attaching the ferrous striker plates to the "covers". But, as they NEVER need to be adjusted (and should never "wear out"!), I could fasten them permanently.
Given my recent successes with "epoxy for metal", I'm tempted just to glue the striking plates to the inner surface of the "covers" and take up any slop with the adjustments on the magnetic catches.
So... how well does metal epoxy adhere two small, flat surfaces? Will it truly be "permanent"? Or, it is likely to get knocked off from side loads?
(Imagine stacking coins. They fare well if you strike them face-on but not so well if you strike them EDGE on!)
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