Integrated Alarms, Inc. are Evil , be aware!!!

The company name is "Integrated Alarms", a division of "Integrated Alarm Services Group, Inc.". located at, 4545 Spring Mountain Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89102.
They have increased their rate last month by $5 for the residents of Fremont California. When you ask for canceling your service, they say that the 2-year contract that you signed five years ago, are automatically re-newed by itself each year on the anniversary date of your contract. You are stuck with their rate increase and they have forced you their services if you miss a tiny 30 day cancellation period.
I am going to see a lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against Integrated Alarm Services Group. They can not force us to pay extra $5 charge for their so called "added security/verified response". They need to stop being EVIL. If they were a decent company they would have asked the customers to opt-in for the added security and give the customers a choice if they want to opt-in or not. But, apparently they are forcing the customers and all the Fremont, California (and Modesto Calif.) to opt-in to their rate increase.
Also, their content of their service contract is evil. After a two year contact, it automatically gets re-newed for the next 12 month and you only have a tiny 30 day period to cancel the next year's contract, and if you miss it, guess what, you are stuck with them.
Avoid these crooks if you can.
Regards, Kish
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