HVAC Equipment replacement ?

A contractor I had been talking to about repalcing my dying outside
2 ton A/C condensing unit with a of his new overstock heat pump
outside units ( he is heavily discounting below the the cost of a std
a/c condensing it because it is brand he does't use anymore but will
warranty it ) . He told me that changes are planned for the inside
coil as it is a 2 ton unit too and it is just a mmter of wiring the
unit to work only in A/C mode . Is this correct ? - thanks
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If you replace the inside coil at the same time as the outside unit, you'll (probably) get the full efficiency rating out of the new unit. Just make sure the coils are matched.
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You will be ok so long as the Cooling Coil and Heat Pump are matched. Heat Pump compressors are much more durable than compressors in Condensing Units., so, it should last a very long time.
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HVAC fella
Dunno...you dont mention the brand, not that it matters, but I would be wary of anyone that claims they can sell you a heat pump unit for below the cost of a straight AC unit...period. If hes a legit contractor, he can move the heat pumps with those that need them, and can still sell you a new condensing unit for a discount should he be wanting to make you a deal. Most..NOT ALL, but most heat pumps run wholesale more than double that of a straight AC unit....so...its up to you what you want to do.
Its not a Goodman or Janitrol outside unit is it?
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are you sure you wanted to say this?
"Heat pump compressors are more durable that compressors in condensing units?"
If so please provide manufacture and model number so I can learn something new.
Or did you mean heat pumps last longer than straight cool units? Again please provide the information for back up.
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Here we have HACKfella making more unfounded statements and hoping everyone will accept his "genuis" advice.. Tell us again dave, why you think the Sun runs by Nitrogen-Helium fusion?
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fundies sux
in message news:2C2Rd.2$ snipped-for-privacy@eagle.america.net...
I don't believe Janitrol is made anymore. I was at the Goodman Factory in Houston and they don't make them there.
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The OP states that the guy had overstock, new. Ok...a 12 year old Janitrol unit that has never been installed is, in the trade...new. Just making sure..as you never know what the hacks will try to pass off..
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This seems suspicious to me. If we had a 2 ton heat pump in stock, of any brand, we would hold on to it and sell it at full price.
I think your HVAC man is giving you a snow job! I wonder if it is a low quality unit, very old, but unused, or stolen! Do yourself a favor, get a couple estimates from other contractors and more information before you proceed. Greg
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Greg O
ThermalZone...old Pameco private label crap. Pameco was bought out by United Refrigeration, and guess what happened to the line? No wonder hes wanting to give it away...he cant sell it...he cant warranty it worth a damn...
Smart man would pass, and since hes selling the ICP line..Bryant and Carrier..might as well get a nice new R410A unit, complete with a new line set and matched evap coil and know that you have a real warranty with the equipment.
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This is Turtle.
Like HvacTech2 said , the two compressors are the same now a days. Now your words are about 30 years to old , for 30+ years ago there was a difference and heat pump compressors would come with stainless steel rings and valve plates and regular compressors come with just steel stuff inside. Dave if you retire 30 years ago and is not up on the last 30 years of the business. You need to do some catching up on the equipment to stay current. Now if you don't have any equipment to work on. You can always Google stuff and read up on the new stuff in the HVAC business like charging the system by super heat and give up the beer can theory or for some of the anti-fawl language people. You can call it the Cold Soda Pop theory.
Dave you need to do some reading to catch up on the hvac business for your about 30 year behind.
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A friend of mine had a heat pump. He put in a natural gas furnace, and the HVAC tech was able to wire the outside unit for AC only. Shouldn't be too dificult.
After all, it's a compressor and a coil like a condensing unit. But with a lot more gadgets.
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Stormin Mormon
in message news:ANnRd.5$ snipped-for-privacy@eagle.america.net...
ICP doesn't consist of Bryant & Carrier.
ICP is Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar, KeepRite, etc... (although, UT 'United Technologies' owns ICP & Carrier)
Carrier, Bryant and Payne are from the Carrier side of UT.
So, the guy sells UT (Carrier) and Goodman products.
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Yup..did it again...I just had corrected someone on that about 3 weeks ago in here and it slipped again...
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Hi HVAC, hope you are having a nice day
On 16-Feb-05 At About 20:08:34, HVAC fella wrote to All Subject: Re: HVAC Equipment replacement ?
Hf> From: snipped-for-privacy@webtv.net (HVAC fella)
Hf> You will be ok so long as the Cooling Coil and Heat Pump are matched. Hf> Heat Pump compressors are much more durable than compressors Hf> in Condensing Units., so, it should last a very long time.
Wrong again, they use the same compressors in both heat pumps and a/c units.
-=> HvacTech2
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