Hurricane Damage to your Roof . . . ?

Hurricane Damage to your Roof . . .?
As we all know, Florida residents have suffered wind damage to their roofs due to Hurricane Wilma. Usually, the insurance adjuster is the first one to scope the damage and provide the insured with an estimate for repairs or replacement of their roofs. After the insured receives their settlement, a roofer or contractor is contracted to inspect the roof and provide their estimate or bid. Sometimes, the amount of the settlement from the insurance company is not enough for the repairs or replacement. The following are some reasons why the insurance company might not be paying for complete replacement of roofs.
25% Ordnance
In the State of Florida, ordnance has been pass stating that if 25%, or more, of the roof has been damage due to a covered ?peril? (wind, fire, explosion, etc), the roof will need to be replaced. If a homeowner has a home owner policy (Such as a HO-3 Special Form) that allows for ordnance and code upgrades, the insurance company will most likely pay to have the roof replaced at a fair and reasonable price. However, if a homeowner?s policy sates that ordnance and code are ?excluded? under their homeowner?s policy, the insurance company is only responsible for the ?actual? damages to the roof.
Example: If you suffered wind damage to only 30% of your roof, then the insurance company is only responsible for 30% of the roof repairs. Now . . . I know that you all are going to say ? The roofing company will not repair the roof unless they can replace the entire roof, so that it can be guarantee not to leak?! This is true, however, lets look at the reason why roofing companies make this statement. If an insured has 30% wind damage to their roof and the other 70% of the roof is ?worn? due to wear and tear, then ?YES?, the roofing company is indeed correct in stating that the entire roof will need to be replaced. The problem that most homeowner?s do not understand is that all homeowner polices ?exclude? coverage to any property items that suffered wear and tear. So . . . , if you have a worn roof that suffered only minimal damage, the insurance company will only pay for minimal damage! The worn portion of your roof will need to be paid for by the homeowner!
Example: Your automobile tires become bald due to wear and tear. Do you (A) contact the insurance company to place a claim to have the tires replaced, or (B) go to a tire store to have the tires replaced? Of course you go to the tire store to have the tires replaced because the damage is due to wear and tear!
Prices at the time of this article should be $350.00-$375.00 a square for replacement of shingles and felt, for a roof. Replacement for clay and concrete tiles are $800.00-$1,000.00 a square! Please be aware of roofing companies who sub contract their work because you will have a difficult time if you need the workers to come back to your home to correct poor installation problems concerning your roof!
Remember, when the roofing company completes the inspection of your roof, ask him or her how much of the damage was due to wind or any covered peril. Understanding what your homeowner?s property policy covers, will make your settlement with the insurance company a whole lot easier!
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