How to lay flagstone on new concrete patio?

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The secret is to be careful not to have any air pockets in the bed and use a bonding agent in the mortar. Use type S. We did a lot of this and doing the whole thing at once is the easiest in the long run. Bed the stone and grout up flush all at the same time. Don't worry about getting mortar on the rocks, it is easy to get off while it is still green. (first 24 hours or so depending on heat and humidity). Start out doing a little patch to get a feel for it. Lay out a bed of mud about an inch think and press the stones into it. It helps if the stones are clean and a little wet, Then you rake the excess mud off into the next spot you are working. Once the mud has set up hard enough where things are stable, use a grout sponge to remove the excess mud. I like the kind they have a Home Depot with the scrubbie pad on one side. Don't go nuts cleaning them right now. The next morning you can get mad at the spots you missed. Little flecks of concrete in the stone can be blown out with a pressure cleaner months later. The stone will look hazy for a while but that goes away after you pressure clean them. It just gets better after that.
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