How Do I Insulate Skylight Shafts?

I am trying to visualize how I am going to insulate my 2 x 2' skylight shafts. I understand that I can get 24" kraft-faced insulation bats, and fit that between the framing studs. But what do I do about the corners? If I bring the insulation to the stud on each corner, then each corner will be uninsulated unless I wrap the insulation around the corner, and have extra studs between the 24 oc studs, to nail to?
The shafts are close enough to the edge of my roof where if I went up in the attic, I would probably end up crawling around up there on hands/knees, which I really want to avoid. I would prefer to insulation from within the lightshaft.
Any ideas or experiences would be appreciated.
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