Hot Water Heater?

When someone uses the term "hot water heater" on this NG, oftensomeone
else jumps in to ask, "Why would you want to heat HOT water?"
I noticed that Arlo felt that way in 1993:
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Obviously it's to distinguish from a cold water heater, which is one that hasn't been properly fitted yet or is broken, or a warm water heater that partially works.
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My neighbor pointed out that his heater heats *hot* water. Mine is set at 120degrees and I call the water that comes out "Hot". His is set at 140. So he takes 120 degree water and continues to heat it to 140.
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Jim Elbrecht
Right. I assume this comes from mixing the two names for what is most often the same thing; "hot water storage tank", and "water heater".
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Wife to programmer husband: "Go to the market and get a pound of butter. If the eggs are fresh, bring back a dozen."
Wife: "Why did you buy twelve pounds of butter!"
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More redundancies:
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Gary H

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