Help with Attic Exhaust

I'm not sure if anyone else picked up on this, but what TIA bought was a gable end vent fan. The purpose of this device is to create a negative pressure inside the attic to draw outside air in through either OTHER gable end vents or soffit vents. By the way, what TIA is calling gable vents are really soffit vents (since the run the length of the home). Getting outside air into the attic helps keep the temps closer to the outside temp which is important in both the summer (keeps roofing from overheating and helps to stop it from warming living space) and winter (stops ice damming).
I suspect that what TIA REALLY wanted to buy was a whole-house-fan. This device is used to draw air out of the living space and into the attic where it can be vented through either a ridge or gable vent. Of course, you have to open all your windows to make it work, and again you're still at the mercy of the outside temp. This is only effective during seasons when night time outside temps are much lower than in the inside (where daytime heat has built up). Eventually, in summertime, it's just too hot inside and out to do any good. I had one of these fans and it ran for maybe 20 days out of the whole year.
Bobby in NJ
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