Heat Pump

What are the rules or limits for proximity of the Outside Unit and Inside
Unit for my heat pump. The previous owner of my home put the outside unit
in the backyard (mere feet from the patio) rather than at either side of the
home where the noise would be less of an issue.
By moving it to one side of the home it would not be any further from the
inside unit, but the other side of the home would be about 40 feet from the
inside unit (which, by the way is in a basement).
Thanks in advance.
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Yes, a qualified tech can move it for you, the cost will depend on several factors such as unit construction and the layout of your place....
Suggest look in the yellow pages and pick a couple 2 or 3 contractors and discuss it all over the phone with them.
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The length of the line-set is the main consideration, per the guy that installed my A/C unit. A 50ft set just made it for me, and he said it'd take a little extra to charge it. I'm considering adding on to my house and will end up moving the outside unit another 20 ft or so. One repair guy I talked to said that wouldn't be a problem.
I guess when you think of the size of some of the homes in the ritzy areas that are over 4000 sq ft or larger, 50-75 ft isn't that far!
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For the record, EVERY unit has a lineset charging and sizing chart.. No one wants their units more than 75 feet from each other.
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