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Everyone beware. I called Global Water Solutions and they messed with my
system. I had to call them back three times to service thier mistakes. I
did the next best thing since my system was still messed up. I called
Filters To You and they came out and showed me everything they had messed
up. They showed me the osmosismembrance (which was only 3 days old) that
they (global solutions) had changed and guess what it was a used unit. I
had no pressure in my upstairs sink because they had damaged and messed
with capilary tube which there is no reason to open up. But like his says
in his add we are the best and offer our service for far less than what
Aquativa charged. that statement also was not true. his price $273.42/
Filters To You to replace and service everthing 138.40,but they are
cheaper. SO BEWARE Have all receipts to prove this........ P.S. they are
not the only one's who have filters made in the USA Filters To YOU
815-939-0700 give them a call
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