Gas Fireplace

Can anyone help me I am trying to determine why my gas fireplace won'
light!! The pilot light when out by itself a few months ago and
recently tried to light it and I can get the pilot light going bu
when I go to turn it to 'ON' it goes out
Any ideas
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Could be a bad thermocoupler. Or it could be dirt/dust in the pilot light orfice (spelling?), causing too small of a flame to properly heat the senser that leads to the thermacoupler. Or the sensor could have been bent slightly away from the pilot light, so it's not getting heated properly. Or it might be you are not holding the button in long enough for the sensor to energize the thermacoupler.
Or it could be none of the above, and you might need to have someone who knows alot more than I diagnose it for you. (Thats a pretty wide range of folks ;o) )
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