Garage door brands and types??

I'm considering a few different replacement garage door brands (steel
roll-up types) and wondering if anyone has any particular brands to avoid
or that are clearly better than others. Right now I'm leaning toward
Martin from Home Depot since the hardware looks a little sturdier. Other
brands available around here are Wayne Dalton, Clopay and Amarr.
Also, since I'm in Southern California, does an insulated door make any
sense? Does it matter much if it's steel skinned on the inside too?
All comments welcome.
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Purple Moose
Hi, I have Steelcraft with baked on enamel coating. No problem in 6 years. Came with 10 year warranty covering coating, rust, etc. You know insulation is good for cold as well as heat, LOL. Tony
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Tony Hwang
"Purple Moose" wrote
We just purchased an "Overhead" door in SoCal, and we are very happy with it. I was told that the insulated, double skinned doors are quieter than the basic doors.
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very happy with
I'm just curious. Did you select the sectional roll-up style door, or the solid, one-piece door? Why that choice?
(I've had the solid one-piece door for 25 years, and some of my neighbors have replaced such doors with the sectional roll-up style. As near as I can tell from talking to them, it is because a salesman came through the neighborhood and offered them a "good deal" on these doors.)
Thanks for any insight into your selection process.
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