Floor on top of floor

I'm redoing my kitchen and am presently working on the floor. I thought I
had one floor of tile on a mud bed. Instead I found tile, linoleum, press
down floor tile, 1/4" press board and 3/4" press board and under all that
are floor boards. My plan is to pull up the rest of the floor (I already
pulled up the tile and mud job) and lay down plywood and hardiboard so I can
lay down marble tile.
Should I use 1/2" ply or 3/4"?
Can I get away with 1/4" Hardiboard or should I use 1/2"?
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Depends on if you're going to live in the house or peddle it. Check NG archives re: Hardiboard. Some negative comments turned up lately IIRC.
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Joe Bobst

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