"Flood" Problem in Refrigerator

Type of refrigerator: Whirlpool Gold Model No. GT19DKXJT00.
Purchased March, 2001. Problem started about one month ago. Happens
inside refrigerator. Both refrigerator and freezer continue to cool to
their normal temperatures and display no other problem.
PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: About every 24 hours roughly two thirds of a cup
of water leaks from the cooling vent in the rear of the refrigerator
onto the refrigerator shelves.
PLEASE NOTE: 1) The leak does not happen continuously. I have never
actually seen with my eye water drip from the air vent to the shelf.
The way I know this leak is coming from the vent is that I have placed
a cup on the refrigerator shelf under the vent and it catches the
water. 2) I don't know when the leak starts or when it stops. The
Care Guide for this refrigerator mentions a "self-defrost" cycle (page
19) but gives no details when this happens. I suspect it might happen
during this cycle.
Does anyone know what might be the problem? Any suggestion will be
much appreciated.
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The cooling fluid in a refrigerator is not water, but special chemicals. If you are sure what collects under the drip is water and nothing else, it is condensate, i.e. not a leak in the ordinary sense.
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Don Phillipson
There is usually a drain tube that runs behind the back panel of the refrig. from the freezer down to the drain pan under the refrigerator. This handles the water when the freezer self defrosts. When this tube gets clogged, water will instead run over and down into the inside of the fresh food section. This tube usually gets clogged by spilled food items inside the freezer at the top of the tube or dust, mold, mildew, etc. building up inside the bottom outlet end of the tube. If the inside of the freezer is clean and devoid of spilled food, I would start by cleaning the bottom end of the tub. Use warm soapy water and perhaps a straw or something to clean inside the tube a ways. If you can locate the top opening in the tube, try squirting the warm soapy water down the tube, also.
Tom G.
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If it is a self defrost and I suspect it is. Then when it goes into defrost cycle there would be water drain off the evaporator coils which normaly drains into a pan near the compressor. There because of heat being present it evaporates. So if you have water on your shelves it sounds like you have a stoppage in that drainage tube somewhere and its not able to do its job.
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It's probably a drainage problem, but check if the fridge is still level. If it isn't water from condensation will flood the shelves instead of heading for that drainage tube. However the tube could be clogged.
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I want to thank everyone for your responses. What you have suggested concerning a clogged drainage tube sounds like my problem. Unfortunately I am unable to locate this tube by inspecting the front, back, inside, etc. of the refrigerator. I think I'll have to call Whirlpool repair.
---Thanx Again ---TConrad
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If the freezer is on top (typically is) you have to take everything out of the freezer, including the shelves and ice maker. Then remove the four or six screws which hold the back panel in the freezer. The coils (looks like a radiator) can be seen. Careful: very, very sharp fins, ask me how I know. The catch pan and drain should then be visible.
Turkey baster and hot water are good for clearing the drain. There will likely be some ice clogging the drain. You may have to melt a bunch of ice to find the drain.
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Stormin Mormon

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