Electric dryer problem

You hit the nail on the head! There was no visible sign that the board was bad but I put in a new one and everything worked fine.
Subject: your dryer
I bet your dryer says "Evenheat" on the panel. It is broken. To check
my answer, remove the screws at the front corners of the control panel
(sometimes hidden by endcaps which you will have to pry off). Flip up
the control panel; it is on hinges, pull toward you a little and up. You
will see the small board. I bet there is a tiny capacitor that is burned
about 2/3 way down, in the middle. Order yourself a new one based on the
model number of your dryer. This answer is based on you having a Kenmore
dryer with the lint screen where you open the door, not on top of dryer.
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