Duct tape to stop terrori

E > I am afraid there will be more terrorism in America soon. I am E > getting ready by stocking up on duct tape. So far I bought 2368 rolls E > and cleaned out every store in town, and another town nearby. I have
Post your credit card number and address so I can buy some at the store for you: we've got at least a couple dozen rolls on a table in the aisle and I'm sure more on the shelves.
E > put all of them in my bomb shelter which I had built in my basement E > this summer. We have enough food for 2 weeks and some water faucets a E > portable toilet, several guns, lots of beer, and a first aids kit. So
Might want to be sure it's a big portable toilet if you have lots of beer!
E > shelves. #2. How do I get the tape off the roll. #3. How do I get it
You're supposed to take the tape off the roll?? I thought one left it as supplied and thread the rolls together with rope throug the cores. That way the rolls provide insulation (not sure what the R factor is but has to be a lot more than a single layer!) and possibly also provide protection against bullets like a Kevlar vest, only full body.
E > off my body (and my family), once the bombs stop falling?
With my way you pull the bow where the rope is tied.
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