Deck Railing shakes!

I have posted earlier:
"We got our deck extended. The supports are good and put in concrete-
however - as you walk across the railing around - especially on one side
shakes noticeably. What is the best method to minimize the movement.
Deck size 20X20 - 11 ft raised above the ground!"
I apologize- It is the railing shakes as you walk; The floor does not. The
railing moves visibly for +/- 1 inch in the middle of the span.
How does one improve the support of railing?
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Take the whole sorry hack job down and get a competent carpenter to do it right. It is obvious that the posts were not securely anchored to anything at the bottom. Check sources of deck hardware, box stores, whatever, for railing post mounting devices to learn more. Good luck.
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Joe Bobst
My railing posts go into the ground. You provided no photos but obviously a hack built it. Get some bids and do it right. Did you get a permit, no or it would have failed.
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m Ransley

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