Compressed air fittings redux

In a recent thread there was a good discussion of air fittings and hoses, etc. I mentioned my favorite Milton V-series high flow types for making economy compressors more effective. For those with limited budgets, Harbor Freight now seems to have close copies which may be worth looking at. The brass plugs are 65894 ($3 for 4), and brass couplers 97463 ($9 for 4). There are also brass with steel inserts that mention compatibility with V series, 97631 ($4 for 2). The ubiquitous M-types that are so common are rated 40 CFM. The Milton V are rated 74 CFM. Can't help wondering if one of the brilliant engineers that lurk here could tell us how much free HP that translates into. The change over does wonders for HVLP paint guns.
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