Bedroom Window Replacement

Have a few wooden bedroom windows that are about 30 years old, have some rot on them, and need to be replaced.
Have never looked at window replacements for many a year. Would like to get some basic info. prior to calling in a contractor.
These are pretty typical wooden bedroom windows.
a. Do I want to consider Vinyl, which always seem to be advertised ?
What are the pros and cons of vinyl vs. wood ? e.g., cost, quality, etc. ?
b. Can a few vinyl windows blend in "well" with the remaining house's wooden windows ? Are they paintable, or do you just match the outside vinyl's color to the trim used on the existing wooden windows ?
c. What is meant by "double hung" windows ?
d. Is it worth the extra cost for insulated glass, etc. ? These are not massive windows; just the regular bedroom size
e. what else should I be thinking of, but aren't smart enough to know enough to ask here, or to make sure to ask the contractor ?
f. I realize there are a zillion variables involved, but what (live outside of Boston) are "typical" window prices ? And, as a total price, with installation ?
Thanks, Bob
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Robert11 wrote:

They would not be my first choice. Really good ones (not likely the ones you have seen advertised) are OK. The cheap ones you don't want.

Personally I like vinyl clad (on the outside) wood. Good insulation, low maintenance solid construction (if well made)

Depends on what you have and what they sell you. They can.

While they are printable, I would look to get them in the color I want to start with.

Two windows sliding up and down.

Size does not matter. With the cost of energy today and even more so tomorrow, you want insulated glass. They are also more comfortable.

In the end it is the quality of the windows and the quality of the installation. If either is not done right you will be very unhappy.

Joseph Meehan

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