Bedroom door leaks sounds

LM> The 40-year old bedroom door easily passes sound. The door is LM> practically made up of thin plywood sandwiched to 1" x 2" studs LM> separated vertically by half a foot or so. The door closes tight, but LM> just enough to slip a credit card thru. Eventually, sounds of laughter LM> go into my R.E.M. sleep and create nightmares. I then go to work LM> at the grave yard shift like a Zombie. I'd tried and gave up using LM> earplugs since they keep falling off, create sores or just got tired of LM> disinfecting them to reduce ear infections. What are some ways I LM> can reduce sound on this rental unit?
You'd probably have to install insulation strips like for weatherstripping plus use a floor stop to block the sound coming through below the door. I would try a white noise device such as a slightly noisy fan. You don't want one which knocks (ting! ting! ting!) but rather one where the air rushing past the blades/housing creates some blowing noise. I've used 'muffin fans' used to give air flow in computer mainframe chassis.
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