Bad Smell In House

Scott wrote:

Ive seen where animals have gotten into homes when they are being built and concealed by sheetrock where they die..... and squirrels can get anywhere... I had a squirrel get into a wall of my house a few years was a wall in a stairwell leading down to my basement....I had heard some scratching and movement in there one evening.... I ended up tearing half a sheet off the wall to liberate the squirrel.... Wish we had a video camera to tape me trying to chase the squirrel back out of the house....that poor animal went all thru house...I finally had to open every door in the house...during the winter.... and just kept chasing that idiot till he finally ran out the door.
Later that same winter I came upon a squirrel in the basement sitting on the wash sink....again I opened the basement doors but still ended up chasing him thru the house. At one point he ended up on a bookshelf in my workshop and I walked up to the bench and actually spoke to the squirrel for a couple of minutes while we caught our breath....he just sat there and didnt repond of course.....then the chase was back on and he finally ran out the door instead of running past it.
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