Anyone have a "Allied by Carrier" humidifier? how do I get it apart?

OK... almost have friend's HVAC back into shape... both furnace and A/C are clean and operating properly... he has a humidifier however that is installed *between* the supply and return plenums (that is, it's installed on the supply plenum, but in the space between the two) with no room to spare (I can barely get my fingers between the unit and the return plenum,) the only reason I can even identify it is because the label is on the side facing out into the utility room where I can see it with a flashlight. I'd like to clean it and get a new water panel for it but the googles are not working for me... seems that Carrier is more cagey than, say, Aprilaire about making information available to consumers. I really just want to know how to get the case apart without breaking it, since I can't actually see anything and who knows where the hell my inspection mirror got off to.
Allied Products Division Division of Carrier Corporation Knoxville, Tennessee Model: P110-0049FH
It looks for all the world like it's nearly the same in design and function to the Aprilaire fan-type humidifiers that we all know and love, but it doesn't have the little thumb latch to release the outside of the case (and if it did, there's not enough clearance to get it out anyway.)
If anyone has one of these buggers and can give me a pointer I'd appreciate it, or even better if your googling skills are better than mine and can find a service document for it, that'd be fantastic. I also suspect that it's wired incorrectly as when I crank the humidistat knob over it comes on even though the fan is not running. I still have yet to identify his furnace (I posted about that previously) as I can't find an ID label on it anywhere, but cleaning the A-coil seems to have resolved the short cycling problem so that is less urgent. Although if I need to do some rewiring I guess I will have to revisit that issue as well.
Oh, and yes, I KNOW this is a dumbass installation, you don't need to tell me.
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