Any Canadien homeowners? Construction tips for American homes

Looks like it's well below zero in many parts of Canada tonight, no
matter what temperature scale you use.
You Canadiens must have well insulated, and hopefully energy-efficient
homes. Do you have any construction tips for your American cousins
down below?
--- An American who wants to stay warm.
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Hi, I live in a so called R2000 spec. home in Calgary Alberta. Federal government certified air tight energy saving home. Cool in summer, warm in winter with good total energy saving. Custom built by R2000 certifiend builder/trades people. Tonight after snowing all day it is right now 18F outside(not cold) Do an energy audit of your house, then you'll know what to do to miximize your energy saving.
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Tony Hwang
The answers are the same whether the house is in Winnipeg or Fargo. You do all the big things right AND all the little things and none of these things are secrets.
The big problem is that doing things right costs a little more money and many builders will cut every corner if they are allowed to. They simply do things to minimum code (or even lower if they know the inspectors are slackers) and put some more money in their pocket.
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John McGaw

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