Air gap for RO faucets

Just wanted to share in interesting discovery I made when installing a new faucet for RO at the kitchen sink. The usual advice, at least such as came to me, is to get a special beverage faucet fitted with an air gap device. I had one of these (made by Everpure) installed for about 12 years. The faucet flow rate was always very slow. I got a new Tomlinson Designer Faucet with an air gap, but botched the installation job. I managed to crack the tiny tube nipple causing a leak. While searching for the part locally, I ran across a company that installs RO equipment who sold me a "twin inlet dishwasher air-gap" model T52 for $40. It is like the normal dishwasher air gap except it has another nipple for attaching the RO discharge line. It is made Amerigap Products of Irvine CA, 949-955-3726. In addition to making the plumbing simpler, e.g., no need for tapping into the sink drain pipe and one fewer tubes under the sink, it is really a nice piece of equipment, far more sturdy than anything available at Home Depot, OSH, etc. AND, the faucet flow is much better. The reason for the higher flow is probably that the tiny tube used in the one added onto the faucet tends to limit discharge flow, and therefore product water flow. I was amazed.
BTW, I followed advice given and plugged the nipples in the faucet air gap with plumbers putty to prevent sink splashes from dribbling down under the counter. If I had it to do over I would not have ordered the air gap faucet in the first place.
I have no affiliation with the Amerigap company.
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