again doughboy problem.

Hi. I'm trying to design a solution to a deck problem.
I'm looking for some input/suggestions. Here is the problem description and a potential solution...
Doughboy pool has lip around it you can on when vacuuming, etc. In winter you put a cover on the pool (leaving in the water). The cover fits over the lip (barely).. maybe 2 or 3 inches of play. The vendor sells some plastic shapes in pairs of inner and outer.. They are hollow tubes that have a slit down the side. The cross section of the tubes is about 3/4 of a circle. The slit is so the inner shape fits over the lip of the deck. Then the cover goes over that and the outer shape clips to the inner shape, clamping the cover between them.
A wire you tighten goes around loops in the cover so you can pull the edge fairly tight after it is draped over the pool edge and clipped to the side.
I had a deck installed, and the clearance between the lip of the pool and the deck is about the width of a pair of popsicle shapes around 1/2 or so of the pool, so I can't fit the clips on.
potential solution:
I'm thinking maybe I can fashio some flat metal with a thickened rounded edge shaped similarly to the edge of the lip of the pool. Then I can slide the flat side between the lip of the pool and the deck. With the thickedned rounded edge sticking out (maybe bent up at a 45 degree angle so it is not against the deck) I can put the inner shape over that lip, drape the pool cover over it and then clamp the outer shape over the whole ball of wax.
What to make the shapes out (and how do I make them) of so they will resist wind pulling on the cover all winter. I don't want them to rust, and I'd kind of like to be able to make them fairly cheaply. I need about 10 feet of maybe 1 foot sections.
Thanks Jeff
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