Advice on lowering main beam in house

Ook wrote:

Having done things like this my advice is to foget about lowering the beam. Its a bad idea a very bad idea. What you should consider doing is using one of the floor leveling materials. think of concrete. Its spread out over the floor liek concrete is and then covered with something like plywood. Your foundation must be settlling. I once raised the front of my house to solve a problem like this. I wouln't recomend that to anyone I didn't hate. If your goint to do it you don't have to take months to lower it. The books recoment doing what your talking about maybe 1/32 in per day. But nobody does it this way. When I repaired foundations we would do it all at once but we knew what we were doing. The homeowners I've seen wouldn't have benifited with a bit more patience and thought. Forget lowering the beam. Alternatively remove the floor and put new level joists in. DOn't lower the beam. Ken
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