Acuvibe massage tool 2009 new

This review is from: AcuVibe soft-touch Rechargeable Massager (Health and Beauty)
We had ours for 3 months. The battery got weaker from the beginning. I noticed it got hot when plugged in. So, I put it on a timer for 1 hr per day. It finally died, so I opened it up, (I'm an electronics tech with 45 years experience) A very poor design , in my opinion! contents: ( not counting motor and low speed resistor) 1 transformer 1 fuse 4 diodes ( a full wave bridge) 1 capacitor (ruptured) and a Nicad battery. ( this is called a raw unregulated power-supply in the trade) the batteries 2C type were overheated and shorted and swollen) The fuse was blown and the transformer burned. This unit has no Battery charger regulator at all. Truly one could say this device is a NICAD torturing device! Do not buy this product nor trust it in your home ! In my opinion it is a fire hazard . Buyer beware.
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