125 Tools Inc, Kudos - New Hampshire

Have had a Ridgid 18V cordless combo kit for just under 3 years. Charger made nasty noise on startup. Batteries won't hold charge any more. Had to get it in for repair under the old 3yr warranty period (got porked on the lifetime one).
I call the nearest authorized center, 125 Tools Inc., in NH. They tell me I have to send the entire kit back so they can see if it's just bum batteries, bum charger or a particular tool that caused the problem. I'm thinking the turn around could be weeks. He says as long as they have the parts there it won't be a long wait.
I send it all out FedEx on Monday. Only 1 day FedEx Ground. 4 days later on Friday, the same frikkin' week, UPS comes up the driveway while I'm roofing. I'm thinking this can't be. Service Center is just returning it. I get 3 new batteries, a new charger and a switch put in something. Invoice shows $441 billed to Ridgid with no charge to me. Yea I know, a new kit is $449!
I have some bitterness with Ridgid about purchasing my kit 6 mos before they sweetened things to the lifetime warranty and they refused to up it when I contacted them. Even have all my original paperwork & receipt. Said I had to send some special form in within 90 days of when they sweetened things to be grandfathered. I had no idea of this warranty bump or special form. Specifically asked them how were current owners suppose to be aware of this. Reply: the 90day/form schpeel they had just given me like my retention was zero or something.
Anyway, 125 Tools Inc, in Plaistow New Hampshire is kick ass.
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