How to wire a replacement light/fan/heater combo?

Think I got it figured out. All he whites go together. And since the 2 black and 1 red are hot they each get paired with one of the wires on the fan light and heater. And of course the ground wire needs to be attached.
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Have you figured out which of the three switches controls what? Also, is there a lighted switch that indicates the heater being on? I would be very careful making sure that the heater's hot wire goes onto the proper switch.
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Replacing light/fan/heater combo. black/white and black/white/red wires at fan. How do I wire? All whites were capped together.
Switch is already wired(3seperately) the new light/fan/heater is similar but not the same. All the white wires were capped together. Not sure which ones to hook to each other.
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