Uses for cottage cheese

I have cottage cheese to use up by the 27th. Should have checked the date
when I bought it I guess. I found a couple of food network recipes that use
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Not sure I have the right kind of potatoes for the first one and would need
to buy spinach for the second one. Would have to wing that as I would just
use whatever Italian cheeses I currently have and also some sauce that I
already have.
I also have a dip that I like that uses a mix of cottage cheese, sharp
cheddar, red onion and black pepper. Easy to make. Just whiz it with a stick
blender. Great to serve with veggies and small slices of black bread. Have
not seen that kind of bread available here though and not sure it would get
eaten except by me.
I do know it can be used in lasagna and kugel. Have seen recipes for
flatbread and pizza and saw that it can be used in a white bean dip but saw
no recipe. Also have used it in Jell-O but not sure that would get eaten.
We are not pizza lovers and I can't eat eggs so kugel is out. Any other
ideas? I was hoping to not have to go to the store again. I might place a
Costco Instacart order. Might. Can get free shipping but the prices seem
high and I don't need large amounts of stuff at the moment but will go see
what they have.
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Julie Bove
I used to have a recipe for Dill Bread, a quick bread, that used a cup or so of cottage cheese. I no longer have it. It was really good.
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I bet there is something in lasagna that she can't eat.
But it's a good idea, not much difference in the two cheeses.
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Hank Rogers

First heard about cottage cheese in lasagne from the wildly popular diet book, Calories Don't Count, from the 60s. Lotta ppl made it, as it was a very popular book. I was jesta kid, but I remember eating lotsa 'cottage cheese' lasagne's and they were always good.
I later went into a 'lasagne stage', using lotsa diferent ricottas, so I know of what I speak. ;)
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I don't know where Mom got the recipe but she definitely wasn't on a diet. More likely, cottage cheese was the closest thing she could find at the commissary in the 1960's. :) She'd have asked her sister, who was an excellent cook, and been told of course you can substitute cottage cheese.
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Would be nice if you'd explain.... or you'd be too embarrassed to say how many foreskins you skinned back to collect a cup. LOL
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