Transmission Problem Peerless H2000-006A

My mother-in-law has a Husqvarna mower with a Peerless H2000-006A
SilentTrac transmission. It stopped moving so she replaced the drive
belt. This did not fix her problem. I cleaned the exterior of the
transmission and it will not go into gear. There does not seem to be
any exterior mechanical problem with the transmission and everthing on
the outside is working correctly.
here is a rubber plug which I suspect is for oil. I would like to
replace the oil.
What type of oil is used in this unit?
Is there a replacement kit for servicing the unit?
Is there anything else that can be replaced on the transmission?
Is there anything else that could be the likely cause of the problem?
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i think tecumseh has a kit for fixing that,bellows and fluid. t man at forum was tecumseh rep. lucas
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The coupling that connects the pump to the gearbox is the most likely probl em. Requires separating the two units. Special tool required to re-assemb le. Coupling is less than $20 but tool is about $40. Gearbox uses 85w90 g ear oil, pump uses 10w40 synthetic.
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If you took off either one of the rear wheels to fix a flat for example, there is a square key that sits on the axle that drives the wheel. If this is missing, tractor wont go anywhere.
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I may need to disassemble one. What is the part number for the tool you mentioned, and who carries it, online or otherwise? Thanks ahead of time.
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I have a Craftsman Lawn Tractor (model 944.604880) with a hydro-static transmission (Peerless 2000-006A). Last summer, reverse seemed to operate slower than I recalled and this spring, I seem to have lost reverse. Forward works fine, but when moving the lever to reverse, it will not go all the way back and only moves for a few inches before stopping and making a noise. If I keep driving it forward and periodically trying reverse, it will work in reverse normally again but the problem returns after rest.
Could this simply be low fluid level in the pump or transaxle?
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Most likely it is the transfer gears and switching mechanism inside the trans. Im in the process of looking for the trans parts to fix or im gonna junk it cause im not paying 400-650$ for a new trans.
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