Mongomery Ward 5HP Briggs Stratton engine . Cannot find model # on motor
or tiller or carburetor , This was gave to me by a fellow gardener , It
will start and run if you put gas in the carb. But quits as soon as the
gas is gone . Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated .Also if
parts would still be available. thanks have a
good day hlb
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HL B123
=A0 =A0thanks =A0have a
Usually problems like this are a carb fouled by deposits from gas. The problem has gotten worse in recent years from ethanol being added to gas, which attracts water.
You can remove the carb, take it apart, clean it up with some carb or brake cleaner, and put it back together. To do so, you need a carb rebuild kit which includes new needle valves, gaskets, etc. It also includes welch plugs, which are like little metal discs that are sometimes used to cover up access ports in the carb. To clean it thoroughly, you pry out the old ones, then tap back in new ones. You're also supposed to coat the edges of the plugs with nail polish to seal them.
The carb should have it;s own part number on it and that is all you need to get the right rebuild kit. Usually the carbs are used on a lot of models and available going back many years. Make sure you also buy a gasket that goes between the carb and the intake, that one does not come with the kit. You can find the kit online, Ebay has a lot of them, they are about $10.
Since you don't have a service manual, before you remove the two needle valves, turn them in gently all the way and count the rotations. When you reinstall, set to the same. One is the idle mix adjustment, the other the full power mix. With it running you can then further adjust them so that it runs smooth at idle and full power.
You could also try spraying the carb with carb cleaner, that sometimes works, but in my experience, not that often. Also check that gas is making it to the carb, ie no kinked hose, obstruction, etc.
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