sods not rooting

put down a new lawn from sod about a month ago and it all seems to be
doing what it should, and most of the sod has rooted nicely to the (all
new) topsoil below.
There are though two small areas where the sod has no roots showing at
all - lift and see, it is as though the sod had just been layed!? (Same
top soil, same watering, etc etc etc). Despite no roots, grass looks
Any explanations welcome.
In one location there does seem to be some creepy crawly type scurrying
when the sod is lifted....can there be root munchers?
Thanks for any help.
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I don;t know, but since you can see some kind of insects and the sod in those areas is not rooting, I'd just go ahead and apply one of the general purpose lawn insecticides.
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