Re: When do you start tomato seeds/when do you set them outdoors?

Zootal and Jmac, Tomato seeds can be started indoors 6-8 weeks before
you expect to set them outside. I live in Philadelphia, and my last
expected frost date is May 15th. So I will add a week to that to be
safe making my outside planting date May 22nd. Lets jump backwards 6-8
weeks, and I will be starting my seeds between late March and early
April. Below is a link to a page that is all about starting tomato
seeds indoors. I hope it helps, and good luck in your garden!
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dave213 wrote in news:c68aef4c-51a0-4f95-9d52-
fickle into early June, but late May is usually a safe time to put tomatoes outside. I find my eggplants and peppers grow slower, but they are also less tolerant to cold weather, so I plant them at the same time as the tomatos and keep them indoors a few more weeks. Eggplants around here just sit and do nothing until it is nice and warm (except maybe get chewed on by flea beetles), and I've learned the hard way to keep them inside a few more weeks and well sprayed with need when I put them out. Tomatoes shoot up like crazy even in cool weather.
Anyone know of any cold tolerant eggplants or peppers? I've not found any. All it takes is a cold June and my eggplants and peppers won't produce until towards the end of the season. There have been years when my red/gold/etc peppers never turned color before the cold weather set in.
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You should not plant tomato seeds or seedlings outside before the last frost as frost will kill the plant. Start the seed in a planter indoors about 6 weeks prior to when you will be planting it outdoors.
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