Poinsettia advice

Hi all!
I'm needing advice on what next to do with my poinsettia, please :)
I have successfully transplanted my poinsettia into my garden. Here she has grown beautifully for the last 3 or 4 years. I live in South Africa, so our climate is a bit different - winter June to August! Therefore my poinsettia has done its flowering and now as we go into a hot spring I need to know what next - as normally she would have been hit by frost and I would have trimmed her right down and she would have "started" all over again.
But I had no frost this past winter so she is still in beautiful bloom with the oldest flowers already turning back to green.
My question is: do I prune, trim her in any way now or leave her? She is huge! And growing a little awkwardly into a pathway. I do not know anything about pruning! My crude way of cutting her frosted bits off previously would probably be frowned upon by any experienced gardener LOL I think I have just been very lucky with this plant and her positioning.
It just seems such a shame to trim her now as I would end up with odd looking wooden stems and no leaves or flowers?
Please advise!
Thank you Andrea
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