New Lawn where there was tarmac

Hi - once the winter is out of the way, I'm looking to take up some up
my 'carpark' front drive and put some turf down. I have no issues
getting the tarmac up, but anything I need to put down prior to the lawn
(feed, good topsoil, etc)?
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it is likely there is a layer of gravel and/or packed sand perhaps oiled underneath that you would also likely want to remove. some people say 2-4 inches of good soil underneath, but i'd go 6-8 as it compacts in time and the worms can work the under layer upwards so it will mix anyways (if you have clay or sand underneath).
if the area is not drained suitably take the time to figure out your drainage situation and grade the area appropriately or put in some additional drain tube. it's much easier to do before you get the turf in. :)
oh and before you do any diggging be sure to get the utilities figured out so you don't hit the wires or gas main, well pump line, etc.
good luck,
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