Need your help, which one to buy: JD Z245 or TORO SS5060

I am looking to buy a new zero turn lawn mower and there is two model
who intereste me. I never owned one before.
I need your help to make the best purchase.
Which one would you recommend between John Deere and Toro ?
John Deere *Z245* 48"
- 23HP Briggs & Stratton
- 2-years/120 hours Limited Warranty
TORO *SS5060* 50"
- 24HP Kawasaki V-Twin
- 3-years warranty
Thanks for your help.
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About another model, the John Deere Z445 which i was sure that come with a 27HP Kawasaki but there is an error on JD website. The Z445 come with a 27HP Briggs & Stratton ELS (Extended Life Serie)
The JD rep said to me that JD stopped using the Kawasaki because it was not well ventilated, air filter misplaced.
What worths the Briggs & Stratton ELS ?
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Toro by far! I faced the same dilemma, did the research and have not looked back. More horsepower Bigger cut Kawasaki vs Briggs Ball bearings all around (except front caster wheels) Heavy construction Less cost
My old mower was a JD L130, and I have always been a Green fan, but the new Toro is a beast (in a good way)!
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Don Rackley

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