Mushrooms or toad stools

How do I rid myself of a garden of toad stools that have sprun up over a
tree removed three years ago. The stump was cut down but there is still
wood remaining 6" to 12" under the lawn. I have tried putting crystal lime
down but that has not worked. What chemicals can I use do get rid of these
pesty, ugly mushrooms.
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Can we do better than poison the grass and the toadstools or run over em and spread the spores to hell and back. By putting lime on them I thought I was changing the ph of the soil. Maybe I'm going in the wrong direction and instead of hand fulls of lime pellets I should fertilize them. I am a novice and I appreciate the responses, but they are not getting me where I want to go. :)
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There's no chemical you can purchase, that can kill them. Most of the fungus is under the ground, feeding on the stump that wasn't removed. If you want them them gone, pick them and throw them away, or dig up the remaining root structure.
It's quite that simple.
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Eggs Zachtly
what you've got there is a massive chunk of fungus feeding on a dead underground stump, which is sending up fruiting bodies now and then. and anything that would kill it and keep it dead would involve long- term sterilizing all the soil above, like saturating the whole volume with salt or such.
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on 6/17/2008 12:51 PM z said the following:
Where I live, they usually show up after prolonged heavy rains (like we had here the other day), at least mine do. Most other times they are nowhere to be seen. I get the normal umbrella looking type and sometimes, the pufferball type, that look like baseballs. I have a couple of stumps that show the fungi all along the path of the underground rotting roots (it's a good way to locate the hidden root stumps). If you dug up that root, you may find a more harmful pest. Loads of Grubs eating the root. I suppose all those Grubs would attract Moles, as well.
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