Millions of microbugs on wet deck

These were on my deck today after a rain. Each bug/insect is about 1 mm
in length. Using every magnifying lens available in the house, they
appear to be flea like, with two antennas and 6 legs.They seem to like
to huddle, but others move swim-like through the water, and others
spring to new locations. Those are 6" wide decking boards.
formatting link
is only one section of the deck, they were on other sections, but
those pics didn't come out as well.
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Pat Kiewicz wrote the following:
Thanks. That appears to be them. The ones I have appear to be the linear type, except for the colors mentioned. Mine are black, and was first thought to be spilled ground black pepper. BTW, I killed them using Clorox Clean-Up. It took a little longer to kill them since they were in water which diluted the clorox even further.
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