laying turf on old patio base. Help please

Im new to this and would really appreciate some advice.
I had an old patio area at the bottom of my garden approx 2.5m x 5m. I
want to put turf down so my daughter has an area to play in the summer.
I have pulled all the blocks up and underneth there is around 50mm of
sand then a compacted type 1 base.
If I am going to lay turf on this can I just mix in top soil with the
sand or should I completely remove the sand and type 1? I dont want to
put turf down only for it to die in a few weeks.
I am planning to do the work myself and am on a tight budget. Any advice
you can give will be a great help.
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I'd say a lot depends on how high it can be, ie the finished grade. You could mix new topsoil with the sand and it will be fine for growing grass. But if you do 50-50, you're going to wind up with the area higher. I'd want about 3" min above the base for the grass roots. More is better and how little depth you can have depends on if it's full sun or shade, watered regularly or not, type of grass, climate, etc.
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OK Thanks, think ill go for around a 50/50 mix as the area is quite shaded and will not be watered that regularly once
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