Lawn help for total beginner

Hello all,
i have just moved into a new house and the lawn is a real mess. big bald
spots, weeds and moss.
i started with a weed and feed which has killed the moss. i raked the
dead black moss off. It did a half decent job with the dandelions too,
visibly weakening them and i followed that up by digging out the roots.
now i am left with the big bald spots on the lawn. i dont own the house
so digging up the lawn and laying new turf isnt really an option but i
am prepared to reseed the garden. what is the best way to go about the
seeding? When it comes to seeding anything i am a complete novice and
any tips, no matter how small would be a big BIG help to me. someone i
know has told me that raking in bonemeal to the soil and then covering
the seeds with a light dusting of garden sand is the way to go. is this
correct? also how often should i water the seeds?
I live in the UK.
Many thanks
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On Apr 30, 8:17=A0am, Seanhull wrote:
This question has been asked here regularly and you can find replies with google. Also if you look for "over seeding lawn", "lawn renovation", etc, you'll find lots of info.
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