kill roots before sowing new lawn

Hi, I have just cut down an area of tree and shrubs about 10 feet by 30
feet, and pulled up the roots as best I can.
The previous owner was an old lady so the shrubs have ran wild for at
least twenty years.
I want to replace the entire area with a new lawn. Along the outside of
what will be the lawn there are hedges which I want to keep.
Can anyone recommend anything I can use to make sure that no roots grow
back, but not damage the hedges around the edge of the garden.
The plants I have dug up are something which looked a bit like a fir
tree but was spreading along the ground, rose bushes, thorn bushes,
lavender, and other different shrubs and bushes.
I'm sure it was lovely when it was planted but it had turned into a
solid mass of bushes.
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I would have killed everything that was there with Roundup/glyphosate BEFORE I cut it all down. And I would have done that late summer and established the new lawn in early Fall, which is the ideal time.
It sounds like quite the jungle. Are you tilling it all before establishing the new lawn. That will help, but you'll still have crap coming up that could have been avoided, per the above. After tilling, you could wait a couple weeks and then hit whatever emerges with glyphosate. But by waiting you're delaying establishing the new lawn. If you're using sod, that's not such a big thing. With seed every week counts.
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Depends how pristine you want it too look. Previous shrubs will disappear in time with grass cutting and maybe selective herbicide treatment. I've got several areas around my house that cannot be seen by passersby or visitors so I just let them go knowing that they will disappear eventually.
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