Intentional holes in garden hose

Watering the tomatos and other stuff in my little yard is inefficient.
I've tried the soaker hoses which are fairly efficient, but they leak
all over - I mean, that's what they're supposed to do.
My new plan is to get a cheap hose, lay it around where the crops are,
anchor it so that it doesn't move around, and drill holes where it
will leak directly onto the ground where I want it to leak.
I intend to start with small holes, working up to larger holes as it
gets near the end, figuring that pressure will be dropping as it goes
along. The end, of course, will be plugged.
It seems logical. Has anyone done this kind of thing? A big yard
probably isn't worth doing, but in my little yard I'm expecting that
it will work.
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would it not be easier to lay out your soaker hose, then cover it over with either soil or mulch so that the water does not spray into the air? at least the holes are all the same size. As for water pressure drops, simply leave the water on longer to compensate for less volume at the far end of the hose.
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dgk wrote the following:
There are plastic tubes out there that required that you cut the tube and install a tee for each particular plant. There is no leakage between plants.
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Yes, but the soaker hose does water everything along its length - not always evenly I've noticed, there are some weak spots. I really don't want to be watering weeds so I thought that something more targeted might work out better.
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You are discribing a drip watering system. You can buy the drip hose from gardening supply and install it to achive what you are trying to do.
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