how can i revamp my lawn?

hi there. we've had a large trampoline up in our garden for a while now
- annd its killed the grass underneath. thing is, i dont know anything
about lawns, what type of grass seed i would need, or how to do it!!
all i can say is that id prefer a hard wearing lawn, as 4 boys will be
running all over it, along with their ride on toys!
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Scrape out dead grass with a rake. Put some lawn fertiliser down, cover with lawn soil, put some seed down (a 'durable' mix from b&Q will do) spread evenly then cover with more lawn soil (or compost) a thin layer that covers the seed. The gently tread in but not too much. Water each night if you remember.
sounds like a lot but it will take about 20 minutes!
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I have decided to leave any weeds and remove when the new grass is fully established.
However, i think there has been an animal of some sort walking on the grass and some of the roots have become exposed. I have dropped a bit of compost on them to protect them (hopefully!). will this work or should i have just waited to see if it continues to grow?
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