Good High Wheel Mower -- High Grass --??

I have a summer cabin in the mountains. Because I don't live there full time, the grass can get up to three feet at times. Part of the land is on a pretty good slope, so I need good traction on a self propelled mower.
For about 25 years, I have used a Yazoo high wheel mower. It has a Briggs and Stratton engine, I believe it is 7 hp. The mower is about worn out, and I am thinking about replacing it.
This old mower uses a friction feed type thing whereby a spinning gear thing rubs up against the wheel tire, and makes it move. It is NOT a good system , as you don't get real good traction that way. It is sufficient if you are on perfectly level, dry land. No good on a slope or in wet conditions.
What is a good replacement, hopefully something with a real gear drive?? Around 7-8 hp is still ok. Price around $700-900 is about what I think I could spend. I do like the Briggs and Stratton engine.
Any ideas ??
Thanks !!
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