Divots in the Sand... Insects???

We live in west central Florida and have seen this phenomenon in the
yard around our home and also around the area in different places.
It's small circular "divots" in the sand and often they are around
the edge of the house below where the roof line ends, but we have seen
this under trees and also out in the middle of the yard, far away from
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anyone identify what is causing this?
Thanks in advance.
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THAT'S IT!!! Wow, so those are sand traps. Kind of cool! Other then a potential biting risk sounds like these guys eat ants so maybe it's a good thing to keep 'em around :O)
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Well, I've learned about Ant Lions. I loved this from Wikipedia: "the dry carcass is flicked out of the pit". Video at 11.
I would have thought it was golfers.
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