Dandelion Removal Lawn Tool

The DLT-100 not only removes dandelions and other broad leaf weeds from your lawn or garden with a flick of your finger, but also kills the weed so they won't grow back.
Attach it to any electric or cordless drill and watch those dandelions disappear.
a.. Install the tool into the optional 12" extension if you have one. a.. Install the tool with or without the extension into a hand drill as you would any other drill bit or accessory. a.. If your drill has speed selection then place the switch to the " Slow" position. a.. Place the point of the cutting edge into the center of the weed. NOTE: If the dandelion has gone to seed you may wish to pluck the stem to prevent spreading seeds. a.. Apply slight downward pressure as you quickly squeeze and release the trigger. Two or three rotations is all that is needed. A " or " penetration into the soil is all that is required to destroy the root head and terminate the weed.
b.. The weed will wrap around the DLT-100 blade just like a fork in spaghetti. a.. Place the DLT - 100 over a bucket or other container and slide the ejector sleeve towards the cutting edge to eject the remains of the weed into the garbage. a.. Repeat for next weed. Adding the optional 12" extension to the tool will enable you to remove dandelions from a standing position, making the job easier and more pleasurable.
Our unique (Patent Pending) blade and ejector design keep your hands clean. No more sitting for hours in the sun digging. No more losing your lawn to the dandelion brigade. The DLT-100 is the choice "Weapon of Mass Dandelion Destruction" to finally defeat the dreaded dandelion invasion. Try the DLT-100 for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund (less shipping cost).
We are confident that you will be thrilled by its performance and ease of operation. It actually makes removing dandelions fun! THEY WON'T BE BACK!
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