Creeping Flox

I live in zone 8 in North East Florida. I planted different colored flox in front of my house last year.
Since then, the evergreen like shoots have been spreading very nicely and seem to be doing well. However, there are no blossoms on any of the various plants as there is supposed to be. There was at the very beginning, some white and some blue and some pink little flowers, but they didn't last long and now there haven't been any flowers for several months.
I planted them on the South side, as the instructions said to do, and watered them and everything and they look very healthy except there are absolutely no flowers anywhere on any of the plants.
Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I could do or what is causing this mystery?
Also near by, my hibiscus keeps getting lots of buds but they keep falling off before they have a chance to come out. The bush itself looks nice and green with no discoloration or insects or anything. It too used to be full of flowers but for some reason stopped producing full grown flowers. I just don't know what is the matter. Any suggestions on either of these plants? Thanks in advance. Sandy
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