BRAND-NEW Lawn Tractor UP-DATE (Hey ROY!)

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The Southern Statesman (25hp-48") is doing just fine! far, so good. A little slow in REVERSE than I'd like but, so far she's got 14.5 hours on her... soon to get her first oil & filter change I told you (Roy) that I would get back to you about this tractor, so here I am....
Told ya that I would let you know about the Armor-All tire cleaning...the waxing..., here I go....
The Armor-All type tire cleaner works great! I'm not pushing this certain brand... I guess any old brand will work... I used the spray-on-and-let-it-soak type. At first, I was afraid that this type of cleaner/protectant would attrack dirt... but, after 15 hours (since March) the tires still look great! The grass and juice and stuff just don't seem to stick to the tires AT ALL .!!!
The other thing is WAXING a new lawn mower. I know this also sounds stupid, but this is something that I WISH I had done.... The SALES people that SELL other people a lawn tractor aren't going to do much to protect it... they want it to look SHINEY on the showroom.
My "NEW" lawn tractor has some scrathes on it from running under trees and such with only the tractor dealers spray-on "Wax"... It is'nt extremely bad... but, I wish I had put a good coat of wax on her berfore I had started mowing th lawn this Spring.
Reguards, David
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