Bad Lawn - 2nd Year Running - Any Advice

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two pics give an idea of the problem. My lawn has a slope, the grass
on which looks in very poor condition and has done for the last 2
I water regularly and cut with a Qualcast cylinder, not too short as
being on a slope it's easy to "scalp".
From the pics, could anyone offer any quick advice on what the problem
may be?
Many thanks in advance.
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Looks scalped to me. Different type grasses can be cut differently but I don't think most can be cut too short. See how your neighbors look and maybe cut to their length.
Maybe you are watering too frequently instead of deeply to encourage root growth.
My lawn tends to look like this in heat of summer almost going semi-dormant, to recover in fall.
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I had a problem a few years ago that looked exactly like your photos. Mine turned out to be grubs. I understand they eat the roots and the grass dies.
I had to apply a couple of applications of grub eliminator (what ever brand it was - I think Bayer).
Just my $.02 worth. Good luck.
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Could be grubs or other insects or disease. Impossible to determine just from a photo. You can lift back about a square foot of turf in a few spots and look for grubs around the root zone, a couple of inches down. If you have more than a few, then that could be it. Also, when they eat the roots, the turf can be pulled up easily, almost like carpet.
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